What these happy clients say about us.

Thank you Aide Australasia for turning my dreams into reality. I really appreciate all your help from processing my documents, choosing a university, and processing my enrollment. Thank you for guiding me to make the right decisions which led me to have a successful application in Australia. Thank you for keeping me updated thru all our emails and chats. Those 7 months went by real quick! Thank you Ma'am Joie, Sachin and the rest of TEAM AIDE AUSTRALASIA! God Bless!
Jay Mark Guatlo, Bachelor of Nursing Deakin University
I came across Aide Australasia through my college friend Liz. I was in a middle of finding the best country for my family especially my kids to settle down, a place strategically close to my home country that offers chances of living permanently. Initially inquiring out of curiosity through Facebook, Team AA was very responsive and very straightforward in answering every doubts in my mind. Maam Joie, the director herself personally provides options, suggestions about the whole process until I decided to begin the whole journey. And within 7 months of continuous correspondence, the visa came out so quickly. The Team was so competent and reliable, they even extended their help from arranging our temporary accommodation, airport pick up and transfer, university vicinity check, even accompanying me in buying a Sim card, how to get to ride in a bus or tram and how to open an account in the bank. I was really grateful that I have chosen the right people because I felt I am not alone and made this transition smooth and easy. That is why, Team AA deserves a thumbs up. Big thanks to Maam Joie and husband Sir Carlo who made sure our arrival was hassle free, to Sachin for all the helpful emails and university tour at my own convenience and the rest of the staff especially AA's Davao team regarding up to date information and follow ups. I highly appreciate your effort in bringing me and my family in Australia. Indeed, Team AA is the best!
Lyn May Timogan, Bachelor of Nursing Deakin University, Australia
My history of visa applications had always been a hit-and- miss. I was never confident that I will be granted a visa - it did not matter which country I applied for. Each time, the greatest anxiety was brought about by applications for a first world country. I was repeatedly told that my life circumstances was not favourable for a visa to be granted, so I was constantly denied one. So, when Aide Australasia (AA) came into the picture, I was both excited and uncertain. I was excited because I have never applied for Australia, thus, giving me a clean slate. At the same time, I was uncertain because given my unfortunate record of visa applications, my prior visa rejections might somehow be reflected and affect my chances of being granted an Australian visa. From my initial contact with AA, I disclosed all my fears and concerns straight away. Unlike other agencies, based on my encounters, AA gave clear-cut answers – there was no beating around the bush. They told me what I needed to do and I did what I was told to the T. From the get-go, I immediately trusted them that they will take care of me and I truly believed that they will do everything to help me. And they did. I am now here in Australia, studying and enjoying the university life. I have had such a good experience with AA that I want others to experience it, too. If they made it happen for me, they can make it happen for anybody. They are a legitimate company who is not after anybody’s money. What sets them apart from other visa assistance agencies? They have the heart and are passionate in assisting people achieve their goals. Do not deny yourself the great opportunity of moving to Australia. Let AA hold your hand and walk with you until you reach your dreams.
Fleida Jan Pila, Bachelor of Nursing Victoria University
Aide Australasia has helped me in making my dream of studying in Australia come true. They provide excellent service like getting an offer from a university, and giving on time feedbacks on the status of my application. I have never doubted their work. Joie, the CEO, has worked closely with my needs with just one call away. To the staff who have been shooting a reply email whenever I have concerns, thank you. You made my worries turn into light one. Lastly, thank you team AA for everything! Well done!
Marie Elaiza Raneses, Master of Professional Accounting UTAS, Tasmania
Decisions determines destiny” I have always lived by this quote my entire life. Making big decisions are never easy, it requires lots of time thinking and planning, fearing that you might pick the wrong ones and regret for the rest of your life. However circumstances don’t make you, it is our decision that makes us or break us. And I never had been this glad and proud to be a part of something that is more than essential. Early in 2015 when I and my husband started to inquire and gather information about nursing pathways. Like you, we spent time reading a lot of nursing forums and asked various consultants about which pathway is the best. However, we got varying opinions which made us confused along the way, not until Aide Australasia came to light. Riddled with doubts and confusions, we took the “BIG” decision and let them mentor us along the way. They guided us to the one, best suited in accordance to my qualifications and experience. Having a direct correspondence to the director herself Mam Joie Lacson helped me feel at ease with the flow of our application. She was very responsive on queries and would regularly keep in touch with you, constantly updating and motivating. They are very particular in details which made us upbeat in our application, ensuring everything is well prepared and taken care of. The whole team of Aide Australasia, team AA as it’s fondly called are very professional and will guide you in every step of your Australian dream. This journey of ours will never be possible without their “aide”. I along with my husband are very thankful that after all, we made the right decision of choosing them, as the one who will help us fulfill our dreams. The road ahead is a bumpy one, however, thru their guidance and support, coupled with tons of prayers and hard work. We are confident that we can make this dreams come true! Thank you AIDE AUSTRALASIA! You all are the best! And I can’t wait to start our journey ahead!
Daneca Toledana, Bachelor of Nursing Flinders University
Thank you so much for your unending support, patience, and understanding. Thank you Ms. Joie for never giving up on me despite of my kakulitan. Thank you Sachin for keeping me updated and to all team AA! I am happy we made it and may you continue to be a blessing to everyone who want to fulfill their Australian dream. Thank you bigtime for everything. To God be the Glory!
Francis Charl Antoque, Bachelor of Nursing Deakin University
Aide Australasia gave us a step-by- step guidance in processing our visa in order for us to study and eventually migrate here in Australia. AA is excellent in all aspects not only with their services they haveprovided, but the most thing I liked is their care for their clients. Arriving in Melbourne was so easy for us since there was a chauffeur who picked us from the airport and drove us to where we will be staying. Imagine that, a chauffeur! And of course, much thanks to Joie who personally drove us and helped us settle to our place. Where can you find a director of the agency who took time and personally drove us despite her busy schedule? Only Aide Australasia. During our campus tour at Deakin Uni with Sachin made us certainly comfortable with the place. Taking away the anxiety when I will soon start my class on February 2017. Thank you AA team for the immense support and guidance you gave us all throughout our journey. We highly recommend this agency to everyone who wishes to live in Australia. Cheers!
Katrina Celis & Partner Jericho Bachelor of Nursing Deakin University
Second chances and starting over were not my thing before. I’ve been through a couple of immigration agencies and they all turned out to be nothing but disappointment and I thought that this is all I could ever give my family and myself – a job with no growth and a future that is safe but not fulfilling. I’ve read about Aide Australasia but never really had the guts to ask about the possibilities. It was Miss Joie’s encouraging posts that caught my attention. I never thought that what started out to be a simple inquiry would suddenly open doors of opportunity not just for me, but for my family as well. I appreciate how “hands on” they are with their clients before, during and after an application. Miss Joie also makes sure that each client has a clear and suitable pathway. Her transparency towards her clients and their family should be well taken note of.  I cannot wait to start my journey at Flinders University. I believe that this year will be full of growth and fulfillment both for me and family.
Daniella Maria Althea Darindigon, Bachelor of Nursing Flinders University
I have known Aide Australasia from a friend. We were in the middle of our conversation about our nursing career. I told her I was applying overseas and I was disappointed because my applications took longer than expected and the amount of money that I spent was really a big deal for me. My friend mentioned Aide Australasia. She was able to attend the seminar held in Davao City and shared her experience with me. I thought I would give it a try but I was kind of hesitant considering my past experiences with other consultancies. But the following day I realized it would not hurt if I just do some inquiries, so I started to ask questions through their email. To be completely honest, I was not expecting a reply but to my surprise, I have received a quick response with the director herself, Ma’am Joie Lacson. I cannot say enough about the director’s professionalism. Ma’am Joie Lacson has shown how passionate she is about her job and has delivered a high level of professional service. True caring nature, and extensive knowledge/connections. She brings all possible pathways for your applications and help you decide what is best for your qualifications. She is extremely responsive since day one of my application. I have registered and worked with some consultancies, and Ma’am Joie is the most service-oriented consultant I have worked with. Furthermore, Aide Australasia does not forget you once the deal is done. The company provides dynamic professional and high quality support. The team always maintain an open communication and will help you every step of the processes. I am pleased to note my satisfaction with the standard of service offered to me by qualified and efficient team of Aide Australasia. This is the company with high integrity and strong values focusing on providing the utmost levels of customer satisfaction. As I am writing this letter, I am on my final stage of my application which is the visa and migration phase. I do not have family or relatives in Australia but with Aide Australasia on my side, I know I am in good.
Patrick James Mandin, Bachelor of Nursing Deakin University, Australia
Where God guides, He provides (Isaiah 58:11) We never thought we would reach this far, everything was just a dream then. Now, we are starting to build our plans into reality that we thought were impossible. Big THANKS to our families (Recinto & Castillano) and friends (you know who you are) who continuously supports us and our prayer warriors. To those people who became and will become an instrument to our success,thank you! To Aide Australasia who was been there from the beginning to guide and clarified our doubts in mind, who patiently understands our shortcomings and adjusting in our late submissions of documents. To Ma'am Joie, Ma'am Mai, Sir Syed,Sir Sachin and Atty. Tsai,👍👍 indeed! You were always there assuring that everything is in the right track and absolutely it is. Now we are living our dream! Above all,thank you to our Almighty who listens and never fails. He who grants our prayers at the right time. Dreams do come true indeed. #teamAA
Janel CASTILLANO & Alain RECINTO, Bachelor of Nursing, Deakin University
Thank you to Ms Joie and the AA team. We are thrilled to begin our journey to the land down under. Kudos to the AA team for being professionals in how they assisted and advised us on our application. They were very prompt in answering all our queries and regularly followed up on our requirements. We would also like to thank the team for their care and concern for us. The process was very prompt and even we were shocked at how quickly and efficiently the team was able to secure our requirements. Thank you again so much for helping us reach this momentous step in realizing our dream. More power to the whole AA team, Godspeed on your excellent work.
Anna Carmela Sinon & Reuel James Bandonill, Bachelor Of Nursing, Deakin University
The long wait is finally over! See you very soon Australia. Thank you Lord for this opportunity! Thank you to my AA family for the patience and understanding. Thank you to Jo Martinez Lacson Sachin Clement and the rest of #team AA, thank you for all your efforts. Super fast approval in just a week and I got my visa approved! Thank you Aide Australasia for helping me fulfill my dreams to pursue my passion in Nursing. Maraming salamat sa pag asikaso po and for pushing me to the limit. Thank you for your guidance along the way! Indeed, God is good all the time! His plans is always greater than what we plan. I am beyond blessed to be with team AA. Once again Thank you and keep changing lives of others.
Mark Vincent Maranan, IRON - ETEA
I just want to thank you Ma'am and the rest of team AA for all your help. For making it possible for me and my husband to be here and dream bigger for our family. I feel blessed to have found you and your team who have been very accommodating and generous of your time for the whole process of our application. May you continue to help more people to take a step towards their dreams. More power po and God bless you more.
Cheryl LUMIBAO & Ruel LUMIBAO, Master of Commerce, Deakin University
I just wanted to share a quick note and let you know that you guys did a really good job. I’m really glad I decided to work with you. It’s really great how easy your processes are. I never have any problems at all with the steps and processes since you guys are always there to help me out in each and every forms that I've done. It’s almost as if you guys are always there beside me whenever I needed any kind of assistance with anything at all. It’s all so simple and hassle-free for me. I can't thank you enough for helping me out since the beginning up until today.
Arthur Pavia, Grand Diploma - Culinary, Le Cordon Bleu
It took me years to decide, whether to pursue this dream or not. But with the support i got from my family and #TeamAA , I am here today. The team knew my struggles, and they got my back. DAY 1 till visa’s approval #AA was there and is still here up to now. Glad to be part of their growing family, and will forever be grateful for the love and effort they have given to me. Big thanks AA Davao and of course to the director Ms. Joie and her husband.
Cherry Ann Quijada, IRON Program, ETEA - Adelaide
To everyone who helped me throughout my bachelor of nursing here in land down under. First and foremost I have to thank our almighty god for so many things. I want thank god for all the trials and tribulations that I faced throughout the course. There are times that I doubted myself that I may not able to make it because the course was getting harder and harder specially during my final exam. I was just looking on my test paper with 22 pages because almost all questions need to be provided with A pathophysiology answer and I was expecting that they will give at least 20 items multiple choice question but only ended with expectations. I know without god I will not make it through my graduation. Secondly, I want thank ma’am Joie Martinez lacson and team AA for assisting me with the enrolment process in my choosen university and make it happened to bring me to Australia to start with my Australian dream.
Mae Putong Wong, Bachelor of Nursing, Deakin University
Hi Ms. Joie Lacson, In behalf of my son Wyieth Enrico Ermac Lee.This is Ann Apreal Thank u Jo Martinez Lacson and the team for making the impossible to possible! Our answered prayer!!
Ann Apreal, Mother of Wyieth Enrico Ermac Lee, Dependent Child Visa
Right after I gave birth to my twin boys last year (2017), me and my husband decided to inquire on how to start our life in Australia. Luckily, a friend told us about Aide Australasia-Davao. Ma'am Joie and her team have been so helpful since day 1. They never failed to guide me all throughout the process and been so supportive in every steps of my application. Even at times of hopelessness, they never gave up on me. Thank you AIDE AUSTRALASIA for helping me make my dreams into reality. I pray to God that you will help more people to achieve their Australian Dreams. God bless and more power!
Alster Ava, IRON Program, Deakin University
Words are not enough to fathom how THANKFUL I am to Ma'am Joie and her team! Three years ago, I never would have imagined myself flying to another country and endure one struggle after another. I never would have imagined the amount of sacrifice my family and I had to make in order to support me and our dreams. Aside from my family, Aide Australasia pushed me to reach for my dreams. They have always been knowledgeable about the immigration's policies and visa changes and they always made sure that my documents are up to date. Unlike any other agency, they provide you options and they make sure that you are qualified before they continue with the application. They make sure that you achieve your goals. They never hesitated to answer any of my questions no matter how trivial or "paulit-ulit" they were. They were always happy to answer my questions. It has been a long but beautiful journey with Team AA. I would definitely recommend Ma'am Joie and her team to anyone who wants to pursue their Australian Dream. ♥
Daniella Maria Sanchez, Permanent Resident – South Australia
In getting to our dreams, no one will ever reach to that place without the help of others. For 8 years, my parents and I had tried applying for Australia without the help of any agency because we think that we can do it without their advices. Unfortunately, all my applications were kept on getting refused due to unmet criteria for Australia. Then, we tried contacting someone for skilled agent to help us in processing my application. We had two consecutive agents for 3 years but again they all failed to present my application, I am about to give up. Until, my auntie Virginia Williams in Melbourne introduced Ma’am Jo to my parents few months ago and with less than two months of preparation, my visa was approved within 3 days upon submitting my application to an Australian officer.  In addition, they also helped me in getting a scholarship from my school and I now am ready to study, work and live in Australia. I highly recommend Aide Australasia to everyone who wish to get the highest approval percentage on their visa application. I also wanted to take this moment to thank Ma’am Jo, sir Sachin Clement and all their team in helping, guiding, empowering and encouraging me to never give up. In the future, I wanted Aide Australasia to handle my visa application again.
Charl Philip Gan, Bachelor of Science, Murdoch University
Thank you Lord God for all the blessings you have showered upon me this year. You have provided so many instruments that helped me achieve my Australian dreams. To Team Aide Australasia, especially maam Jo Martinez Lacson, sir Sachin Clement and to the team in davao (maam janine, sir mark and maam micah) without your relentless efforts and never ending motivations, I would never have achieved my goal. You made everything possible. No words can express how grateful I am. To my parents Jimmy de los Santos and Evelyn Mercado-Delos Santos and my sisters for their never ending support. I made it! See you soon Australia! 
John Erick De Los Santos, Bachelor of Nursing - ECU
Aide Australasia
First of I would like to thank my friend Heyts Hernandez, for recommending that I should take you guys as my agent, without him, I would have known you guys. I visited Melbourne fall of 2018, that is where it all began when I fall in love with the place and saw opportunities, and the quality of lives my friends have there. The moment I got back in the Philippines, I started to regroup and discussed with my husband the options I have to study in Melbourne. Little did I know, there are already drastic changes in the policies, and thank goodness, all options and consequences were discussed to me by Joie, she is very well rounded and at that point I know, she is the one I should trust moving forward with plans. She told me by best option is conversion course, and yes she was right as come 2019, bridging course was abolished. I am working full time (mostly overtime), and this means that I really cannot focus on processing most of my requirements right away and most of time I forget a lot, I really like it that they follow-up every now now and then, and reminds me what else is to be done, mind you, there are a ton of requirements and they made it easy for me. It was easy not because they do it for me, but because they guided every step along the way (revisions, suggestions, sample letter), until the very last one. They do not spoon fed me, and I like that because I know what is happening, what is written on everything submitted because I am part of it. Even on weekends Sachin sends emails and revisions, which I appreciate so much, because that is mostly my free time. When all is done, I found it strange that I already missed Sachin, sending me emails (haha). Everytime I have a concern or there is an important update, Joie calls personally which I really meant a lot to me because I can see her enthusiasm and genuine drive to help not to earn, I actually thought that what they actually charge is far less than the services they gave me. Everything was processed not just within the timeline but earlier than it is expected, will definitely refer friends because I know they will be in good hands with you guys. It is an amazing journey with you and I know it will not end in just having my student visa, more in the future! Thank you is not enough I should say. But thank you, not just for being my agent but for being my partner in this journey.
Cheryl Len Francisco, Bachelor of Nursing, Deakin University
We are so grateful to Ma'am Joie, Sir Sachin and the rest of the teamAA for all the help and support they gave us since the beginning of our application. Thanks to our friends (Ate Janel and Kuya Al), who introduced Aide Australasia to us, who have been accommodating, kind and considerate throughout the whole process.  They are willing to go extra miles to provide an excellent customer experience. You can even contact them during weekends if you have concerns. The process went smoothly, hassle-free and very fast until our visa was granted. Thank you teamAA for being an instrument to reach our dreams and we are blessed to be part of our Australian journey! You guys are the best!! Keep up the great work!🙂
Laurence Cristie PATENO & Louie Jay SEVILLA, Bachelor of Nursing, Deakin University
Our path to PR was definitely not a piece of cake! I owe to the Lord almighty for this lifetime opportunity, for granting our ultimate desire and most awaited visa. Thank you Ma’am Joie for building AA. Helping us nurses and other professionals fulfill our Australian Dream. The road to PR was so bumpy and full of obstacles. From paper works to financial aspect. However, Team AA never leave us behind. Thank you ma’am Joie for unending encouragement and stretching your patience. Your love and passion towards helping us has gone a long way. Thank you Sachin for being on top of our application documentation. Thank you for your hard work and dedication throughout our application. Thank you Aide Australasia for guiding us since the start of our Oz journey. You are a blessing to all of us.
Francis Charl Antoque, Nurse & Permanent Resident, Geelong, Australia
The long wait is finally over! I thank God for pouring blessings to us, more importantly for granting the desires of our hearts, our Permanent Residency in Australia! Thank you to my Team AA Family, to Jo Lacson for your dedication, patience and endless support to us. Thank you for taking care of us since day 1. Thank you Sachin for being so passionate and working hard in helping us fulfill our Australian dream! Thank you Team AA for helping and guiding us all throughout our application from student to permanent residency. Truly we are in brilliant hands with Aide Australasia. I cannot put into words how happy and thankful I am today. Indeed, Aide Australasia is truly one of our pillars of success in the land down under. Dreams do come true.
Mark Vincent Maranan, Nurse & Permanent Resident, Geelong, Australia
No words can ever evoke how grateful and thankful I am to be with people who helped me throughout my application as a student in Australia. I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the people behind Aide Australasia especially to its director, Ms. Joie Lacson and Mr. Sachin for the never ending patience and understanding to me as one of their clients. Also, I would like to thank the staffs who also been there whenever I need any assistance. I might not mention your names but you do know who you are and I will forever be glad to be part of Aide Australasia. My long wait is over for today. I finally got my student visa and I can say that it is worth to wait. Again, thank you so much for everything!
I had a rigid set of criteria for choosing the perfect company to work with. Aide Australasia has been there to help take a lot of the stress, out of the process. I can always count on them to deliver high-quality content on time. What stands out is that they have skilled team. Their competent set of skills and experiences were exactly what we needed. These guys are very good, very friendly and very approachable. Their awesome team made sure that I found the perfect solution to my problem. God bless Aide Australasia   
Stephannie Pearl Zalyn CALIMBO & Remar John ALIANZA, Bachelor of Nursing, Murdoch University
I would like to express my deepest gratitude through prayer... Dear Lord,
Firstly, thank you Heavenly Father for the plan that you have set for my family. A miracle indeed. Secondly, thank you for the people that you used as instruments to assist us throughout this journey, particularly, my sister-in-law, my family as well as our friends who never failed to show their love and support. And last but definitely not the least, thank you Lord for TEAM AA under the direction of Ma'am Joie Lacson who undoubtedly succeeded in attaining their aim to provide the best immigration services for our family despite the heavy odds we have encountered. Their team is truly a blessing from You, Lord. Especially to all nurses and other professionals who dreamed of having better opportunities in Australia. Again, from the bottom of our hearts thank you. It was not easy but certainly God provides. The wait is OVER. PRAISE THE LORD, HALLELUJAH!!!
Karmela Tan & Family, Bachelor of Nursing, Griffith University
Aide Australasia, oh AA where do I start? Here I can’t imagine having my AU journey without you guys ! You are not only a migration agency for me but you are also family ! You’ve been there since day 1, thoroughly guiding me how to establish a life in Australia especially that I am alone. Even how to ride a public transport, you have taught me. That’s how detailed your services are, you won’t miss the tiniest part to make sure your clients would be living well in Australia. You are one of a kind, AA. My immeasurable “Thank you” for you Guys ! Keep helping Dreamers! Keep Growing ! All the best to all of you. To Ms. Joie and Sachin, thank you for tirelessly answering all my queries even when anxiety visits me in the middle of night, there you are always reassuring. You are priceless ! Keep helping People. God will always bless you for you’ve got the purest of heart. THANK YOU ! THANK YOU ! THANK YOU ! 
When we decided to embark on a new journey going from UAE to the Land down under we were on a constant search for a reliable consultancy that would help us materialize our goal. It is then that Aide Australasia were introduced to us. Compose of professional, trustworthy and approachable team of individuals, I can say that we never had any difficulties all throughout the process. They are always willing to help even going beyond what is expected of them. They will not just treat you as their client, but somehow a part of their family. Team AA’s expertise have enabled us to be one step closer towards our goal. Surely, without a doubt Aide Australasia exceeded every expectation and is consistently leading in providing first class service.
Joyce Brillantes, Bachelor of Nursing, Deakin University
OMG! That’s what i thought when i first heard the news directly from miss jo that my visa was granted. Amidst all the heartbreaking news we saw on social media nowadays, still God gave me something to be grateful about and to look forward to. Always know that God is always listening to our prayers. He just want us to wait and trust in the process. My huge thank you to Aide Australasia team especially to Miss Joei and Sir Sachin. I am beyond grateful for all your hardwork and support all through this process in obtaining my student visa. Thank you for all your guidance and expert advise in this application of mine. Looking back on the 1st day of this journey, i needed a guarantee that i was following the process in the right direction and you gave me that peace of mind. Thank you also to Janel who recommended you to me, without you guys i wouldn't know what to do or where to start. I had some problems along the way but you were there to assure me that things were gonna be ok and that means a lot to me. You guys are awesome and i super duper highly recommend your team to all my friends and other aspiring nurses who wants to start their life in australia. I know they will be in good hands just like I do. God bless you miss jo and the rest of the team!
Jezza Silva, Deakin University
Take note! This is highly recommended. To tell you visa processing was so complex more than we imagine. It’s a very long process and too many documentations needed. It was very stressful especially when the pandemic COVID 19 started. Promise! Don’t think it’s that simple and you can just do it on your own. However, Aide Australasia fought for us despite the very struggling processing mostly when COVID 19 hit us globally. Why I recommend Aide Australasia? Because they’re very responsive. They came back to us so quickly despite the worsening situation due to COVID 19. They are very professional in dealing with the situation on our application. Also, they’re more experienced that they know what to do, ask, and give advice. Another is Aide Australasia team is very knowledgeable on the situations and what strategies/ alternatives that might be possible in order to grant our visa. Lastly, Aide Australasia team is very useful in so many ways, I 100% guarantee that they will not leave you behind because it happened to us. To the all the staff of Aide Australasia especially to Sir Sachin and our director Ma’am Joie thank you so much for all your support. Thank you so much for answering all my inquiries in the evening, weekends, holidays, especially during the pandemic. With that, to anyone who wants to process their visa application, I bet on Aide Australasia! They are the best! I really recommend their service. Number 1 they very very cheap! (you can save a lot). Again I assure you that from step 1 up to the granting of your visa, Aide Australasia will make you’re processing hassle free.
Serafin & Family, Master of Business Administration, Flinders University
I would like to share our personal experience with Aide Australasia (AA). I remember it clearly, it was just November of last year when we decided to inquire about migrating to Australia. It is a blessing that my sister-in-law mentioned about AA. "If this process goes well and smoothly, then this is for us", I said to my husband. So I contacted Team AA via messenger and they were really responsive. Their prompt feedback to my inquiries gives me the encouragement to push through. Team AA is greatly responsive, professional and helpful. Special mention to their Director Ms. Joie for being diligent in guiding and being hands on with their clients and to Mr. Sachin for being informative and attentive to our queries. They navigated us through the migration pathway. And I am delighted to recommend AA, after all these months of waiting and updating about the wherabouts via email and messenger. There may be some delays due to the pandemic but we are thankful since all things went well. And suprisingly, we were granted our visas so quickly! To Team AA, more power and we hope that you will be able to help more to achieve their dreams and goals!
Ellaine Maye Austria & Family, Deakin University, Melbourne

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