I have known Aide Australasia from a friend. We were in the middle of our conversation
about our nursing career. I told her I was applying overseas and I was disappointed because
my applications took longer than expected and the amount of money that I spent was really
a big deal for me. My friend mentioned Aide Australasia. She was able to attend the seminar
held in Davao City and shared her experience with me. I thought I would give it a try but I
was kind of hesitant considering my past experiences with other consultancies. But the
following day I realized it would not hurt if I just do some inquiries, so I started to ask questions
through their email.

To be completely honest, I was not expecting a reply but to my surprise, I have received a
quick response with the director herself, Ma’am Joie Lacson. I cannot say enough about the
director’s professionalism. Ma’am Joie Lacson has shown how passionate she is about her
job and has delivered a high level of professional service. True caring nature, and extensive
knowledge/connections. She brings all possible pathways for your applications and help you
decide what is best for your qualifications. She is extremely responsive since day one of my
application. I have registered and worked with some consultancies, and Ma’am Joie is the
most service-oriented consultant I have worked with.

Furthermore, Aide Australasia does not forget you once the deal is done. The company
provides dynamic professional and high quality support. The team always maintain an open
communication and will help you every step of the processes. I am pleased to note my
satisfaction with the standard of service offered to me by qualified and efficient team of
Aide Australasia. This is the company with high integrity and strong values focusing on
providing the utmost levels of customer satisfaction.

As I am writing this letter, I am on my final stage of my application which is the visa and
migration phase. I do not have family or relatives in Australia but with Aide Australasia on
my side, I know I am in good.