Second chances and starting over were not my thing before. I’ve been
through a couple of immigration agencies and they all turned out to be
nothing but disappointment and I thought that this is all I could ever give
my family and myself – a job with no growth and a future that is safe but
not fulfilling. I’ve read about Aide Australasia but never really had the
guts to ask about the possibilities. It was Miss Joie’s encouraging posts
that caught my attention. I never thought that what started out to be a
simple inquiry would suddenly open doors of opportunity not just for me,
but for my family as well.

I appreciate how “hands on” they are with their clients before, during
and after an application. Miss Joie also makes sure that each client has a
clear and suitable pathway. Her transparency towards her clients and their
family should be well taken note of.  I cannot wait to start my journey at
Flinders University. I believe that this year will be full of growth and fulfillment
both for me and family.