Aide Australasia gave us a step-by- step guidance in processing our visa
in order for us to study and eventually migrate here in Australia. AA is
excellent in all aspects not only with their services they haveprovided,
but the most thing I liked is their care for their clients.
Arriving in Melbourne was so easy for us since there was a chauffeur
who picked us from the airport and drove us to where we will be staying.
Imagine that, a chauffeur! And of course, much thanks to Joie who
personally drove us and helped us settle to our place. Where can you
find a director of the agency who took time and personally drove us despite
her busy schedule? Only Aide Australasia.

During our campus tour at Deakin Uni with Sachin made us certainly
comfortable with the place. Taking away the anxiety when I will soon
start my class on February 2017.

Thank you AA team for the immense support and guidance you gave us
all throughout our journey. We highly recommend this agency to everyone
who wishes to live in Australia. Cheers!