I came across Aide Australasia through my college friend Liz. I was in a
middle of finding the best country for my family especially my kids to
settle down, a place strategically close to my home country that offers
chances of living permanently. Initially inquiring out of curiosity through
Facebook, Team AA was very responsive and very straightforward in
answering every doubts in my mind. Maam Joie, the director herself
personally provides options, suggestions about the whole process until I
decided to begin the whole journey. And within 7 months of continuous
correspondence, the visa came out so quickly.
The Team was so competent and reliable, they even extended their help
from arranging our temporary accommodation, airport pick up and
transfer, university vicinity check, even accompanying me in buying a
Sim card, how to get to ride in a bus or tram and how to open an
account in the bank. I was really grateful that I have chosen the right
people because I felt I am not alone and made this transition smooth
and easy. That is why, Team AA deserves a thumbs up. Big thanks to
Maam Joie and husband Sir Carlo who made sure our arrival was hassle
free, to Sachin for all the helpful emails and university tour at my own
convenience and the rest of the staff especially AA's Davao team
regarding up to date information and follow ups. I highly appreciate your
effort in bringing me and my family in Australia. Indeed, Team AA is the