I would like to share our personal experience with Aide Australasia (AA). I remember it clearly, it was just November of last year when we decided to inquire about migrating to Australia. It is a blessing that my sister-in-law mentioned about AA. “If this process goes well and smoothly, then this is for us”, I said to my husband. So I contacted Team AA via messenger and they were really responsive. Their prompt feedback to my inquiries gives me the encouragement to push through.

Team AA is greatly responsive, professional and helpful. Special mention to their Director Ms. Joie for being diligent in guiding and being hands on with their clients and to Mr. Sachin for being informative and attentive to our queries. They navigated us through the migration pathway. And I am delighted to recommend AA, after all these months of waiting and updating about the wherabouts via email and messenger. There may be some delays due to the pandemic but we are thankful since all things went well. And suprisingly, we were granted our visas so quickly!

To Team AA, more power and we hope that you will be able to help more to achieve their dreams and goals!