Take note! This is highly recommended. To tell you visa processing was so complex more than we imagine. It’s a very long process and too many documentations needed. It was very stressful especially when the pandemic COVID 19 started. Promise! Don’t think it’s that simple and you can just do it on your own.
However, Aide Australasia fought for us despite the very struggling processing mostly when COVID 19 hit us globally. Why I recommend Aide Australasia? Because they’re very responsive. They came back to us so quickly despite the worsening situation due to COVID 19. They are very professional in dealing with the situation on our application. Also, they’re more experienced that they know what to do, ask, and give advice. Another is Aide Australasia team is very knowledgeable on the situations and what strategies/ alternatives that might be possible in order to grant our visa. Lastly, Aide Australasia team is very useful in so many ways, I 100% guarantee that they will not leave you behind because it happened to us.
To the all the staff of Aide Australasia especially to Sir Sachin and our director Ma’am Joie thank you so much for all your support. Thank you so much for answering all my inquiries in the evening, weekends, holidays, especially during the pandemic. With that, to anyone who wants to process their visa application, I bet on Aide Australasia! They are the best! I really recommend their service. Number 1 they very very cheap! (you can save a lot). Again I assure you that from step 1 up to the granting of your visa, Aide Australasia will make you’re processing hassle free.