OMG! That’s what i thought when i first heard the news directly from miss jo that my visa was granted. Amidst all the heartbreaking news we saw on social media nowadays, still God gave me something to be grateful about and to look forward to. Always know that God is always listening to our prayers. He just want us to wait and trust in the process.

My huge thank you to Aide Australasia team especially to Miss Joei and Sir Sachin. I am beyond grateful for all your hardwork and support all through this process in obtaining my student visa. Thank you for all your guidance and expert advise in this application of mine. Looking back on the 1st day of this journey, i needed a guarantee that i was following the process in the right direction and you gave me that peace of mind. Thank you also to Janel who recommended you to me, without you guys i wouldn’t know what to do or where to start. I had some problems along the way but you were there to assure me that things were gonna be ok and that means a lot to me. You guys are awesome and i super duper highly recommend your team to all my friends and other aspiring nurses who wants to start their life in australia. I know they will be in good hands just like I do. God bless you miss jo and the rest of the team!