Aide Australasia

First of I would like to thank my friend Heyts Hernandez, for recommending that I should take you guys as my agent, without him, I would have known you guys.

I visited Melbourne fall of 2018, that is where it all began when I fall in love with the place and saw opportunities, and the quality of lives my friends have there. The moment I got back in the Philippines, I started to regroup and discussed with my husband the options I have to study in Melbourne.

Little did I know, there are already drastic changes in the policies, and thank goodness, all options and consequences were discussed to me by Joie, she is very well rounded and at that point I know, she is the one I should trust moving forward with plans. She told me by best option is conversion course, and yes she was right as come 2019, bridging course was abolished.

I am working full time (mostly overtime), and this means that I really cannot focus on processing most of my requirements right away and most of time I forget a lot, I really like it that they follow-up every now now and then, and reminds me what else is to be done, mind you, there are a ton of requirements and they made it easy for me. It was easy not because they do it for me, but because they guided every step along the way (revisions, suggestions, sample letter), until the very last one. They do not spoon fed me, and I like that because I know what is happening, what is written on everything submitted because I am part of it. Even on weekends Sachin sends emails and revisions, which I appreciate so much, because that is mostly my free time. When all is done, I found it strange that I already missed Sachin, sending me emails (haha).

Everytime I have a concern or there is an important update, Joie calls personally which I really meant a lot to me because I can see her enthusiasm and genuine drive to help not to earn, I actually thought that what they actually charge is far less than the services they gave me.

Everything was processed not just within the timeline but earlier than it is expected, will definitely refer friends because I know they will be in good hands with you guys. It is an amazing journey with you and I know it will not end in just having my student visa, more in the future! Thank you is not enough I should say. But thank you, not just for being my agent but for being my partner in this journey.