In getting to our dreams, no one will ever reach to that place without the help of others. For 8 years, my parents and I had tried applying for Australia without the help of any agency because we think that we can do it without their advices. Unfortunately, all my applications were kept on getting refused due to unmet criteria for Australia. Then, we tried contacting someone for skilled agent to help us in processing my application. We had two consecutive agents for 3 years but again they all failed to present my application, I am about to give up. Until, my auntie Virginia Williams in Melbourne introduced Ma’am Jo to my parents few months ago and with less than two months of preparation, my visa was approved within 3 days upon submitting my application to an Australian officer. 

In addition, they also helped me in getting a scholarship from my school and I now am ready to study, work and live in Australia. I highly recommend Aide Australasia to everyone who wish to get the highest approval percentage on their visa application. I also wanted to take this moment to thank Ma’am Jo, sir Sachin Clement and all their team in helping, guiding, empowering and encouraging me to never give up. In the future, I wanted Aide Australasia to handle my visa application again.