Words are not enough to fathom how THANKFUL I am to Ma’am Joie and her team! Three years ago, I never would have imagined myself flying to another country and endure one struggle after another. I never would have imagined the amount of sacrifice my family and I had to make in order to support me and our dreams. Aside from my family, Aide Australasia pushed me to reach for my dreams. They have always been knowledgeable about the immigration’s policies and visa changes and they always made sure that my documents are up to date. Unlike any other agency, they provide you options and they make sure that you are qualified before they continue with the application. They make sure that you achieve your goals. They never hesitated to answer any of my questions no matter how trivial or “paulit-ulit” they were. They were always happy to answer my questions. It has been a long but beautiful journey with Team AA. I would definitely recommend Ma’am Joie and her team to anyone who wants to pursue their Australian Dream. ♥