Where God guides, He provides (Isaiah 58:11)

We never thought we would reach this far, everything was just a dream then. Now, we are starting to build our plans into reality that we thought were impossible.

Big THANKS to our families (Recinto & Castillano) and friends (you know who you are) who continuously supports us and our prayer warriors. To those people who became and will become an instrument to our success,thank you! To Aide Australasia who was been there from the beginning to guide and clarified our doubts in mind, who patiently understands our shortcomings and adjusting in our late submissions of documents. To Ma’am Joie, Ma’am Mai, Sir Syed,Sir Sachin and Atty. Tsai,👍👍 indeed! You were always there assuring that everything is in the right track and absolutely it is. Now we are living our dream!

Above all,thank you to our Almighty who listens and never fails. He who grants our prayers at the right time. Dreams do come true indeed.