Aide Australasia minimizes steps for aspiring immigrants and students

Aide Australasia has helped many students gain acceptance to Australian universities and a new life in Australia. Led by Joie Lacson, a registered nurse with over 26 years’ experience within the Australian workforce, Miss Lacson knows the steps you will have to take, as she (and her team) has already faced those exact same steps that you are facing today.

• What do you do first?

• Who do you contact to speak to about coming to Australia to study?

• Where will i live?

• Which university is the best one for me?

• What visas do i need?

• Do I need to have a medical?

• Why do i need to have a medical?

• do i need inoculations?

• How long is the process?

• Are there other things i don’t know?

it’s too hard! i don’t think i’ll bother…

You will be pleased to know that it isn’t too hard, not if you use Aide Australasia, as we mentioned before, Miss Lacson knows the answers to all the questions, including those that you haven’t asked or even thought about yet

Is it hard to study in Australia?

You will be pleased to know that meeting the criteria isn’t hard. Our blueprint shows you the stages you will have to go through. each step is easily broken down into manageable parts, so you should not feel overwhelmed at any stage.

Language barriers: Visa Entry Requirements

When you apply to become one of Aide Australasia’s students in Australia we ask that you provide proof that you can speak english by undergoing a test, and sending us the results. However, keeping up your english language training is important as you progress through to university acceptance as additional pre-requisite subjects may apply.

Language barriers: Academic Requirements

It may come as a surprise to many people, but the two are not necessarily the same. As we have mentioned, you will have already proven you have a certain level of english language skills to obtain your student visa, however you may need to continue your english language studies depending on the level of course you want to study. So while you have to prove that you can speak the english language for your student visa requirement, you may need to further prove your ability to handle the comprehension and understanding of the projected workload of your course of study. Please note, different universities have different requirements. Keeping in touch: We recommend that you connect with us on Facebook – https://www.

You can contact us through our website or you can email Joie –