Prepared by our Senior AA Lawyer – Mr.  Kon-Ming Tsai

Overseas qualified and trained nurses and midwives wanting to work in Australia are required to apply for a working visa or permanent resident visa. Before they are permitted to work as a nurse or midwife, they are required to be registered to practice.

All nurses and midwives practicing their profession in Australia are required to be registered by Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency or AHPRA. The Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia or NMBA regulates the practice of nursing and midwifery. NMBA and AHPRA are responsible for assessing registration applications from internationally qualified nurses and midwives or IQNMs to practice in Australia. IQNMs are assessed on their qualifications and not their professional experience. Since 2014, IQNMs were assessed on 8 qualification assessment. In 2019, NMBA reduced the assessment criteria from 8 to 3, and in early 2020 the assessment will be transitioned to an outcomes-based assessment or OBA for IQNMs holding relevant but not substantially equivalent qualifications and who meet the mandatory registration standards.

OBA will replace bridging programs such as Initial Registration of Overseas Nurses or IRON.

If you have concern whether the education provider is accredited or approved by NMBA or AHPRA to provide OBA courses, you should ask for evidence of accreditation or approval from the education provider. In the alternative, you may contact NMBA or AHPRA (click here for contact details) to confirm if the education provider is accredited or approve to provide the OBA course.

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