Do you have qualifications already? Have you started a course of study?

In some cases you may be able to translate these credits and / or qualifications into the Australian
equivalent. If you are moving into a completely new area, these may not count for the entire course credit,
but it may count towards the new qualifications. With some qualifications such as Electrical Engineers for
instance, you will have to do a bridging course. The reason for this is because of the standards
and regulations applied to Australian buildings are different from what you are used to.

Most countries use different voltage for instance and as a result if you tried using what you know about
your old country will have far different results here in Australia (often devastating results), so you will
have to take the additional courses to allow you to work in your area of expertise.

How will you know if your current qualification / course of study will count towards the new one you
are planning on starting here in Australia? First of all read the literature related to the course you are
applying for. There will also be a wealth of information on the university website that may provide
the answers you are looking for.

You may of course decide to complete the new course completely regardless of what qualifications
you already hold and that is entirely your decision.