“My history of visa applications had always been a hit-and- miss. I was never
confident that I will be granted a visa – it did not matter which country I applied for.
Each time, the greatest anxiety was brought about by applications for a first world
country. I was repeatedly told that my life circumstances was not favourable for a
visa to be granted, so I was constantly denied one. So, when Aide Australasia (AA)
came into the picture, I was both excited and uncertain. I was excited because I have
never applied for Australia, thus, giving me a clean slate. At the same time, I was
uncertain because given my unfortunate record of visa applications, my prior visa
rejections might somehow be reflected and affect my chances of being granted an
Australian visa. From my initial contact with AA, I disclosed all my fears and concerns
straight away. Unlike other agencies, based on my encounters, AA gave clear-cut
answers – there was no beating around the bush. They told me what I needed to do
and I did what I was told to the T. From the get-go, I immediately trusted them that
they will take care of me and I truly believed that they will do everything to help me.
And they did. I am now here in Australia, studying and enjoying the university life. I
have had such a good experience with AA that I want others to experience it, too.
If they made it happen for me, they can make it happen for anybody. They are a
legitimate company who is not after anybody’s money. What sets them apart from
other visa assistance agencies? They have the heart and are passionate in assisting
people achieve their goals. Do not deny yourself the great opportunity of moving to
Australia. Let AA hold your hand and walk with you until you reach your dreams.”