“Decisions determines destiny” I have always lived by this quote my entire life.
Making big decisions are never easy, it requires lots of time thinking and planning,
fearing that you might pick the wrong ones and regret for the rest of your life.
However circumstances don’t make you, it is our decision that makes us or break us.
And I never had been this glad and proud to be a part of something that is more than

Early in 2015 when I and my husband started to inquire and gather information
about nursing pathways. Like you, we spent time reading a lot of nursing forums and
asked various consultants about which pathway is the best. However, we got varying
opinions which made us confused along the way, not until Aide Australasia came to
light. Riddled with doubts and confusions, we took the “BIG” decision and let them
mentor us along the way. They guided us to the one, best suited in accordance to my
qualifications and experience.

Having a direct correspondence to the director herself Mam Joie Lacson helped me
feel at ease with the flow of our application. She was very responsive on queries and
would regularly keep in touch with you, constantly updating and motivating. They
are very particular in details which made us upbeat in our application, ensuring
everything is well prepared and taken care of. The whole team of Aide Australasia,
team AA as it’s fondly called are very professional and will guide you in every step of
your Australian dream.
This journey of ours will never be possible without their “aide”. I along with my
husband are very thankful that after all, we made the right decision of choosing
them, as the one who will help us fulfill our dreams. The road ahead is a bumpy one,
however, thru their guidance and support, coupled with tons of prayers and hard
work. We are confident that we can make this dreams come true!
Thank you AIDE AUSTRALASIA! You all are the best! And I can’t wait to start our
journey ahead!”