To become an Australian resident, you need to have a good understanding and grasp of the English language. While Australia is perhaps one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world it is still predominantly English speaking. Language barriers: visa entry requirements

When you apply to become one of Aide Australasia’s students here in Australia we ask that you provide proof that you can speak English by undergoing a test as mentioned above, and sending us the results. Once you have passed your English language test we recommend you continue with your English language training.

Language barriers: Academic Requirements

While you have to prove that you can speak the English language for your student visa requirement, you may need to further prove your ability to handle the comprehension and understanding of the projected workload of your course of study. Please note, different universities have different requirements.

Please remember it is important to understand that all classes are conducted in English, all papers will need to be submitted in English and most of the text books in most university libraries and bookshops will be written in English. Once you reach the workplace, every job interview you go to will be conducted in English and most of your patients will be speaking English so it is vital that you are able to communicate effectively with them.

Poor English language skills are simply not acceptable. We know that English is perhaps one of the hardest languages to learn, but failure to learn the language can mean your future here in Australia is in jeopardy. So you cannot sit back after completing your assessment tests and stop studying – you must continue to learn the English language. Your future in Australia relies upon it.

The more you speak the language, the better you will become. Hang out where English speakers are, watch English language programs, download and use English language programs onto your smart devices and read as much as you can so you can get a feel for the way sentences are constructed and spoken.